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MIUI tips and tricks

Posted: July 14, 2015 in android
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Password Required (Delay)

Screen gets locked after the inactive delay and you have enter the password again to unlock. Or if something does not respond, tendency is to press the power/lock button and see if it is responding. Good way is to lock the  screen after inactive delay and prompt for the password after some period instead of asking each time when the screen is locked. Goto Settings -> Lock Screen -> Lock Screen -> Password Required -> Select the delay(Immediately, 1 min, 2 min, …)


App Lock

Individual applications can be locked without the need of any third party application.

  • Goto the path Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy settings
  • set the Password
  • enable Lock individual apps
  • Choose apps to lock and select the app to be locked


Now opening the locked app requires password which you had set. App lock password is different from the phone password.

Guest mode

Enable the guest mode which hides messages, notes, pictures and incoming calls so that others cant see when you are giving your phone to friends or someone. Guest mode can be enabled by toggling the icon guestmode in notification screen or follow Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy settings -> Guest mode

Using Torch without unlocking the phone

Torch can be powered on w/o unlocking the phone in either of the below ways. Press and hold the Home button when the screen is locked, torch will be on and will be turned off after few seconds. To keep Torch on, press Power button. To turn off, press the power button again.


Slide the notification screen from top and toggle the Torch icon.


Press Menu and Volume Down button simultaneously to take a screen shot

Capture notification once the screenshot is taken. These are stored under DCIM/Screenshots

Make swipe down gesture anywhere on the screen to pull down the Notification screen

No need to pull from the top of screen to open the notification screen, just a swipe down gesture anywhere on the screen pulls down the notification screen. Same applies for left to right or right to left directions to scroll across the screens.

Show additional info on status bar – connection speed, service provider name

Additional info can be displayed on status bar by toggling the settings @ Setting -> Notifications

  • notification icon – show the app icon in status bar which has a notification
  • connection speed – show the network connection speed
  • service provider  – show the service provider name