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Multiple user can login to Windows Server using rdp but Desktop edition allows only one active user session. To have multiple RDP sessions in Desktop edition, server version of termserv.dll is required. So by patching termsrv.dll, multiple concurrent sessions can be enabled.

Peter Kleissner has written and published a little utility which does all the job automatically. In case original source becomes unavailable, you can download version 1.8 from mysysadmintips. If you are not keen on running unknown executables on your machine, source code is also available.

termserv.dll can be edited using any hex editor to enable concurrent sessions as described here.


My laptop displays goes off for two or three seconds and comes back when the charger is connected or removed. I googled a lot on but did not find the solution. This was not a problem with hardware/driver because it was not happening when the laptop was installed but started occurring later. I have installed many themes and personalization applications like rainmeter and power settings were changed left and right. So I thought one of this could have caused the issue. I changed few settings manually but finally Restoring the power options to default settings solved the problem.